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Duraj's Wood is a family business that has been producing luxury wooden floors for three generations. Over the past 50 years, we have transformed from a home carpentry shop into a nationally and internationally recognized producer of wooden goods characterised by a unique class and quality. All products are handmade by a team of over 20 experienced carpenters. Our products are of the highest quality and beauty, sold mainly to foreign markets.


From the choice of the log to the final, handcrafted product

The production process begins with the selection of a log, according to very strict criteria, individually to each project. Out of respect and love for nature, we only use trees from certified and rationally managed plantations and less than 1% of the materials available in the world meet our high quality requirements. The selected log comes to our workshop because the entire process is carried out in only one place. Thanks to this, we can be sure that the wood is processed with due care at every stage.

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We use only certified, eco-friendly materials

Wood is the basis of each of our products, but also one of the most important raw materials in the world. We have great respect for it, and each piece we use is sourced from rationally managed plantations. By purchasing wood from certified sources, e.g. the ®FSC mark, we support the fight against deforestation. In rationally managed forests only trees that hinder the development of others, for example by cutting them off from the flow of light, are cut down. As a result, there are more and more trees, and wooden products made of materials of appropriate origin not only make us feel close to nature, but also help us protect it. 

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We are the world experts in the field of wood and wooden products. We have been hand-crafting them for three generations, so we put not only our hearts but also many years of experience into each of our projects.