We let our clients decide what

the perfect floor should look like.
We create dream wooden floors in six steps.

Step 1

Podłoga wybór gatunku drewna

The process of creating the perfect wooden floor begins with the choice of wood species. We offer floor boards in three basic types of wood: Ash, European Oak, Walnut, and a completely unique Bog Oak. When deciding which of the species the floor will be made of, pay attention to the unique grain and colors of specific of them.

Step 2

Podłoga wybór klasy drewna

The level of visibility of knots and the presence of cracks on the board determine the class of the wooden floor. We are the only company that offers floorboards up to 12 meters in length without knots and without cracks, which is the highest class product in the world. Decide whether you prefer the prestige of the clear class or the natural look of the country board, or maybe something in between.

Step 3 - depending on the chosen species

Podłoga wybór koloru drewna

The choice of the color of the floorboard depends on the type of wood our clients choose. Each type of wood looks best in colors that matching the natural grain and tone of the board. On our website, we only show a few of the most popular floor colors, but the possibilities are endless and tailored to each project individually.

Step 4 

Wykończenie podłogi drewnianej

Finishing gives the floorboard the desired texture, and each plank is hand-finished by experienced carpenters. As a result, our wooden floors become even more beautiful, and at the same time stimulate the sense of touch. Choose whether what you want to feel under your feet is the irregularity of a dried or brushed board under or do you prefer floor with a smooth finishing.

Step 5

Długiość i szerokość deski podłogowej

As the only company on the maarket we offer floorboards up to 12 meters long. The longest boards are also available in the clear class, without knots, which makes them a unique product globally. The most popular choice of size is a mix of length and width of floor boards, which we adjust to the dimensions of the client's room.

Step 6

Wzory ułożenia podłogi drewnianej

If you prefer the unusual patterns on the floor rather than long and wide boards, their choice is practically unlimited. You can choose a more popular pattern or design your own. Our wooden floor patterns are designed in a way to fit the size of our client's room perfectly, so that the pattern is not broken.

Wooden floors

If you are interested in the pricing of the highest class wooden floors, which we will create especially for you, contact us today.