Duraj's Wood - Drewno w każdym wymiarze - Deska tarasowa i podłogowa
Flaga Unii Europejskiej


We offer the most beautiful, the longest and the widest floorboards on the market, modern wooden decks and furniture made of true bog oak. All of our products are made of highest quality materials.

Our natural wooden floors are the longest and widest planks available on the market, up to 12 meters long and 50 centimeters wide. We offer a wide selection of exclusive, high-end floors with unique finishing and pattern. The unlimited choice of wood types of our floorboards, their class and colors have been appreciated by our customers from all around the world.

Podłoga dębowa jodełkaangielska

Duraj Deck made of exotic wood was designed to last ages. Innovative technology: aluminum layers and rPET foams protect the wood, so that the terrace does not bend or crack. This modern decking system is 100% ecological, thanks to environmentally friendly materials. Our most durable wooden terrace is made of rare, exotic species of wood: teak or iroko. The assembly of this prestigious wooden deck is very simple by reason of the lack of screws and pins, which also emphasizes its luxurious character.

Drewniany taras z teaku

Wooden wall panels will allow you to finish the interior in an original way. These wooden decorations warm up and add style to the space and delight the guests. The wall mosaic is made of solid wood and a bottom layer that increases its resistance. Wooden wall panels are very versatile products, they are resistant to moisture, so they work well not only in the living room or bedroom, but also in the kitchen and bathroom.

Trójkątne panele na ścianę

We create wooden furniture from any type of wood, based on a client's idea or design. Furniture as well as wall and ceiling finishes can be crafted with a use of solid material or a layered structure. We specialize in wooden staircases, tables, custom made pots and flower beds. We are the only company on the market that offers large products made of bog oak, which is an extremly rare and unique wood species.

Klatka schodowa z dębu bagiennego

We are the world experts in the field of wood and wooden products. We have been hand-crafting them for three generations, so we put not only our hearts but also many years of experience into each of our projects.