Produkty drewniane - Duraj's Wood


Drewniana podłoga jodełka angielska

We specialize in custom-made wooden floors. All parameters are individually determined and adjusted to our client's needs. Our three generational experience allows us to produce floorboards up to 12 meters long and 50 centimeters wide.

Duraj's Wood decking system with a top layer made of exotic wood is the most durable wooden terrace available on the market thanks to our patented technology. Our materials are the best quality wood used mainly on yachts.

Our wooden wall panels can completely change the interior. Each of our products is handcrafted from natural wood, which makes each panel unique. Our wooden wall decorations are a natural alternative for the paintings.

Wood is an excellent material not only for the floor, which is why our carpenters create furniture, staircases, facades, wall and ceiling upholstery, as well as other wooden products on special order for our clients.

W O O D E N • P R O D U C T S

We specialize in wood processing and our products are of the highest quality and exclusivity. Our specialty are the longest and widest floor boards available on the market as well as the innovative, extremely durable terrace system made of exotic wood. At our client's request we will make any project and we will ensure that it will be top class.