Duraj Deck is a premium wooden terrace.

It's durable, eco-friendly and made with exotic wood.
Here are five main reasons why it's worth having!

Reason 1


Drewniany system tarasowy Duraj's Wood przekrój

Duraj Deck is the most durable deck available on the market. The aluminum profile protects the layer of natural wood and stops the wood degradation processes. This exclusive wooden terrace does not bend or deteriorate. Thanks to our modern, patented technology Duraj Deck is a product made to last ages.

Reason 2

Instrukcja montażu tarasu

The great advantage of the innovative Duraj Deck is the ease of its installation. No need for nails and screws speeds up this process and improves the aesthetics of the entire terrace. During assembly, the elements are fastened together almost automatically. Easy assembly saves time and minimizes the risk of errors.

Reason 3

Części deski tarasowej

The high-end wooden deck is made exclusively of ecological materials. For its production we use recycled aluminum 95% of which comes from recycling, exotic wood layer which comes from responsibly managed, certified plantations, and the stabilizing rPET foam, which is produced from recycled plastic bottles.

Reason 4

Wybór gatunku drewna na taras

Duraj Deck is made of the most unique, exotic types of wood that are usually used on luxury yachts. We use teak and iroko for our outdoor products, which ensure the highest resistance to sun, rain and snow. The most durable wooden terrace is made of the highest quality wood species.

Reason 5


Our terrace boards are made of the most exclusive species of wood, and the absence of screws and nails ensure an elegant, prestigious look. Thanks to the high durability of the components, the great effect lasts for years. Any natural wood turns gray over time when outdoors, yet it stays beautiful. The graying process can be stopped with annual maintenance.

Modern wooden deck

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