Whatever style you are looking for, our products will meet your requirements. We would like to believe that the highest quality of our products comes from us, but we know that we owe it to the highest quality wood. We can only bring out what is already the most beautiful in it. We have been working with wood for 50 years and we believe that when it comes to processing it we can be considered the best in the world.

Zbliżenie na dębowe słoje


The most popular types of wood, classic and stylish

European oak is universal, durable and very classic, all in one. Its color is similar to liquid caramel, and its graining provides it with a unique character. Ash is a very interesting and surprising wood. Due to the large color differences in each part and the irregular grain, each piece is completely different, even if it comes from the same log. Walnut is the most elegant, unusual and one will not pass by it indifferently. It is facinating with its unusual, varied grain and interesting shades of color.

Zbliżenie na dębowe słoje
Czarny dąb


One of the rarest resources in the world, naturally black

Bog oak, also known as marsh oak, black oak or morta, is one of the most exclusive and rarest materials in the world. It is estimated that there is less of it on earth than diamonds. It is formed over thousands of years from submerged logs, which take on a naturally black color as a consequence of chemical processes. As the only company in the world, we offer large-size products made of bog oak, as is an extremely difficult material to process.

Naturalnie suszona deska podłogowa


The most rustic of our floor boards, naturally irregular structure

Thanks to our experience, we are able to create completely unique products, and our naturally dried floor is an example of such. Our proprietary drying process makes the oak plank naturally shrink and bend, highlighting the naturally occurring knots and cracks in the floor what adds to its rustic character.odaje jej rustykalnego charakteru.

Naturalnie suszona deska podłogowa
Drewniana podłoga w lobby hotelowym


We give second life to the most beautiful, wooden floors.

Most of our production processes start with the selection of the perfect log, but if our customer wishes to use a material that is already past its glory days, we will certainly do so without a fail. We are craftsmen, what means that we make each product by hand, so we can even create a cube of wood that looks like a stone floor by giving it a second life.

We are the world experts in the field of wood and wooden products. We have been hand-crafting them for three generations, so we put not only our hearts but also many years of experience into each of our projects.